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Choosing a professional painter and decorator

Here are some reasons why you may want to hire a painting and decorating professional

There are few reasons why hiring the “cheapest” painter or doing the job yourself may not turn out to be the most cost effective options. Hiring a professional painting and decorating contractor may be the smartest choice for the following reasons:


They are familiar with a larger range of possibilities in terms of different types of paints, faux finishes, eco-friendly options, etc. With the advice of a professional, you won’t be limited to the traditional oil or latex paint options, or confused by the overwhelming number of painting and decorating options available today. Instead, an experienced contractor can look at your home and ideally provide you with suggestions that will work for your particular painting and decorating needs.



Painting and decorating can be dangerous, from using a latter to working with toxic materials, so hiring a professional who is prepared to handle the potential hazards is a safe option. In the UK, many homes built before the 1970’s were decorated with lead-based paint, which is highly toxic and can pose serious health risks as it is scratched or removed in preparation for re-painting. A painting and decorating professional is aware of the risks and knows the steps to take in order to protect themselves as well as the homeowner.

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Most people know how messy painting can get. From preparing for the job with all the necessary supplies, to covering floors and setting up a drip-proof area, to finally properly disposing with waste materials, the simple “paint job” can become very time consuming. Painting and decorating contractors are equipped to handle these details thereby minimizing any inconvenience for the homeowner.

Finding the right professional for your painting and decorating project:

Visit to find reputable contractors in the UK. Always be sure to verify that the contractor is licensed and insured, and that all agreements concerning the project details are in written form. Any reputable professional can provide references with whom they have previously worked, and contacting those clients is a great way to find out more about your potential contractor. If possible, go see the work they have done, and ask plenty of questions about what it was like working with that contractor so you can ensure that it will be a pleasant experience for you. Find out how long ago the project was done, and how the painting and decorating are holding up in terms of quality of material. Finally, work out the terms of future guarantees regarding their work so that you both are thinking in terms of high quality and longevity of the paint job.


AJ Brown & Co. are members of the Painting and Decorating association. We have ensured that our accreditations, training and skill over the last 30 years have always been up-to-date.


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